Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is the science that helps people of any age to participate in activities through the therapeutic use of a project. (Activity)

The usual interventions of occupational therapy include helping children with difficulties in their full participation at school and in social situations, helping people recovering from trauma to regain their skills and supporting seniors experiencing changes in their body and perception.

The services of occupational therapy include:

  • A personalized assessment during which the patient / family and the occupational therapist set out the goals
  • A customized intervention to improve the person’s ability to perform daily life activities and achieve the goals that have been set.
  • Re-assessment of the results to ensure that the objectives have been achieved and / or make changes to the intervention plan.

Occupational therapy services include detailed assessments of home and other environments (e.g. school, sports, social groups), suggestions for customized equipment and training for its use, and guidance and education for family, educators and carers.

Occupational therapists have a holistic view, the center of which is the adjustment of the environment in order to suit the individual and the improvement/learning of the person’s activities in order to suit the environment.